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[+] Nematoda (Roundworms)
[+] Clade V


  • Version: WBPS17 (July 2022)
  • WormBase Version: WS282
  • 210 genomes, representing 169 species


WormBase ParaSite Release 18: Our Biggest Update Yet

posted 20 hours ago by Dionysis Grigoriadis

We are thrilled to announce the release of WormBase ParaSite 18 (WBPS18), our most comprehensive update yet, with the largest number of new genomes and updated annotations since the resource was first launched! WBPS18 hosts 240 different genomes from 181 species. Highlights New Species New Trematodes (Flukes) Genome Updates Trematodes (Flukes) Pairwise Whole Genome Alignments [read more]

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posted 1 month ago by Dionysis Grigoriadis

If you’re using WormBase ParaSite, then you should subscribe to our mailing list so you can frequently receive updates on WormBase Parasite database improvements and new features, career opportunities, and upcoming conferences and workshops. Subscribing to the WormBase Parasite mailing list is easy! Simply fill out the subscription form at and stay updated with [read more]


Tutorial: Visualise pairwise genome alignments between WBPS genomes

posted 20 hours ago by Dionysis Grigoriadis

From release 18 (WBPS18), users can browse and visualise whole genome alignments between genomes in the same taxonomic group. Cactus, a next-generation aligner that stores whole-genome alignments in a graph structure, was utilised to calculate multiple pairwise genome alignments between WBPS genomes. These genomes have been assigned to 5 big taxonomic groups, and pairwise alignments [read more]

AlphaFold 3D protein structures are now browsable from WormBase ParaSite

posted 9 months ago by Dionysis Grigoriadis

“How can I visualise an AlphaFold Protein Structure in WormBase ParaSite?” “What functionalities does the 3D protein structure viewer offer?“The central panel (viewer) annotates the model with regions of high confidence (blue) to low confidence (orange) with its protein sequence displayed above. It’s very simple to use it: Just drag and drop with your mouse [read more]

About archive sites

posted 1 year ago by Faye Rodgers

We’re pleased to announce that we have introduced an archiving service. From release 16 onwards, older WormBase ParaSite releases will remain available for browsing. We have introduced this service to help users in transitions between genome and annotation versions. Older, draft assemblies are increasingly being superseded by highly contiguous assemblies generated with modern sequencing technologies. [read more]

Announcing WormBase ParaSite Release 9

posted 6 years ago by Bruce Bolt

We are pleased to announce the ninth release of WormBase ParaSite. In this release, we have included genomes for two new species and an additional alternative genome for one species. Additionally, we have introduced a new genome browser: JBrowse.